File Generation for ChatGPT (archive)

With File Genertaion GPT you can simply ask the GPT for the data you need, and then get GPT to prepare a file that you can download.

File Generation for ChatGPT (archive)
File Generation GPT by

Ever wished you could download the data your get from ChatGPT?

Well, I have. So I created a custom GPT that allows the user to ask GPT to prepare data for downloading. With File Genertaion GPT you can simply ask the GPT for the data you need, and then get GPT to prepare a file that you can download.

Important Update

Soon after publishing the plugin I got a new feature in my ChatGPT - it allows creating files by default. I had fun creating it, so no harm done 😭 You can easily replicate anything this plugin did with native functionality. This is possible because of the introduction of Code Interpreter this GPT is no longer the best solution to get presentations. ChatGPT using Code Interpreter is able to generate files.

It depends on your account and if the feature has been already rolled out. It if has, you can simply ask ChatGPT to create the file and it will present you with a downloadable link. However if the feature is not yet available then you can give this GPT a try. You can test if you have this feature simply by asking ChatGPT if it can generate a csv file for you. If it responds that it can't then you don't have this feature yet and you can try out this custom GPT.

At the moment File Generation GPT allows the user to download xlsx, csv, ods and html formats. In case you are interested in presentations you can use our free ChatGPT Presentation Helper.

How to use File Generation GPT to download files from ChatGPT?

Step 1: Open ChatGPT

You will need the ChatGPT Plus (20$/ month) version. Custom GPTs can be used only in the paid version for now.

Step 2: Find the File Generation GPT

You can find the File Generation GPT here:

screenshot from File Generation GPT in ChatGPT

Step 3: Generate the Data you Need

file generation GPT in action - prompt to generate a file

Simply ask the GPT for the data you need. In this example I asked GPT to prepare a list of all European country names and codes. First it will gather the data and ask you to verify.

Step 4: Verify or improve the Content

file manager gpt in action - prompt to improve the file with additional columsn
Feel free to improve the content by asking for more columns, rows or modifications

Step 5: Create the File

file generation gpt in action - confirmation to create a file

Confirm or ask the File Generation GPT to generate your file. If you indicated the file format initially it will already understand it, if you wish to change it, you can still do so.

GPT will talk to our server and return a link for you to download the file.

Step 6: Download the File

Go to the link returned by File Generation GPT, and download the file. The link will take you to our landing page where you will be able to download the file.

Step 7: Enjoy

You should have your data in the necessary file format. You can now use the data for further processing.

Bonus Tip!

Sometimes you might already have some data you want to process, you can feed the file to GPT and ChatGPT will read it and then return a new version with the needed improvements. For example, you might need to add another column or complete with additional rows.

File Generation GPT - reading an existing file and then adding additional data to it

With this tool, you can easily modify existing data, add new data, reformat or change the structure.

What presentation formats do you support?

In our MVP version we support xlsx, csv, ods and html file formats.

Why are the files stored only for 10 minutes?

As a free tool, we do not have the resources to host the files for a long time.

Are the files stored securely?

The files are stored securely in our cloud servers and they are accessible only with the link you are provided in the chat.

How does it work with large files?

The file upload functionality has no problem with large files, however GPT might have trouble gathering a lot of data for processing. If you are working with large files and have trouble we suggest splitting the files in smaller chunks - you can ask GPT to do this for you.