Presentation Helper for ChatGPT (archive)

Presentation Helper for ChatGPT (archive)

ChatGPT is a great tool that can help you with various forms of content - blogs, documents, and yes, also presentations.

Another great addition to ChatGPT is the custom GPTs.

Important Update

Since the introduction of Code Interpreter this GPT is no longer the best solution to get presentations. ChatGPT using Code Interpreter is able to generate files, including presentations. And it can also help you format these files. We have an article about this here. It depends on your account and if the feature has been already rolled out. It if has, you can simply ask ChatGPT to create the file and it will present you with a downloadable link. However if the feature is not yet available then you can give this GPT a try.

With GPTs you can now create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills.

Presentation Helper is a custom GPT that helps you speed up the presentation creation. Instead of copy/pasting content from ChatGPT, you can just ask Presentation Helper to create a presentation which will generate a file that you can download.

How to use Presentation Helper?

Step 1: Open ChatGPT

You will need the ChatGPT Plus (20$/ month) version. Custom GPTs can be used only in the paid version for now.

Step 2: Install the Presentation Helper GPT

You can find the GPT here:

screenshot of Presentation Helper plugin in ChatGPT
Presentation Helper by

Find Presentation Helper by

Step 3: Generate Content For The Presentation

screenshot of conversation in Presentation Helper in ChatGPT
Conversation Starter in Presentation Helper

Talk with the chat bot. Ask the bot what you need. If you already have a presentation topic and ideas for content then give them to the GPT. If you have only a slight idea of what you need, just ask and the Presentation Helper will help you gather the needed information.

Step 4: Verify the Content

screenshot from presentation generation in Presentation Helper via ChatGPT
Talk with the GPT to improve the presentation.

The Presentation Helper will ask you to verify the content of the presentation before creating the pptx file. Take a look and feel free to ask for improvements if needed.

Step 5: Create the Presentation File

Creating the Presentation

Ask Presentation Helper to create the presentation. The Presentation Helper will talk to our API which will create the PPTX file and return a link for you to download the file.

Step 6: Download the File

screenshot from presentation download page
Download The Presentation

Go to the link returned by Presentation Helper and download the file. The link will take you to our landing page where you will be able to download the file.

Step 7: Enjoy

At the moment the tool only create a clean presentation without any significant styling. We might work on this in the future. Let us know if you would like a styling feature.


What presentation formats do you support?

In our MVP version we support only pptx format.

Can I adjust presentation and slides layout and styles?

Currently no. You can only create a plain presentation with all of the content. Depending on the demand we might add styling features.

How long are the presentation files available?

The generated presentations are safely stored only for 10 minutes. So be quick and download the file.

Why are the files stored only for 10 minutes?

As a free tool, we do not have the resources to host the files for a long time.

Are the files stored securely?

The files are stored securely in our cloud servers and they are accessible only with the link you are provided in the chat.